Ein Gedicht: „It’s no good to do horsing, if you are a sheep“

Ein Gedicht: „It’s no good to do horsing, if you are a sheep“

28. September 2015 0 Von nicoleinez

Topic: sheep

Let me just.
Just let me be.
Your thoughtless is more than less
no place for me.
My world is just beyond your
blind hunting for breaking free.

Just let me.
Let me just be.
Your non-stop talking is too strange
while the beauty of inner silence
is happening to me.

My slow motion is not for you.
It’s not your notion.
It is me.
It is mine.
Even if you’re living a thousand lives,
I am here and now.
And I’m fine.

I’m into deep,
while you’re wasting the day asleep.
You are so happy and it’s fine,
I was in to deep,
into your sanity living within a crime.

It’s no good to do horsing,
if you are a sheep.
It’s no good to do the awakening,
while you’re asleep.

© Nicole Inez

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