Ein Gedicht: „Cause people are people“

Ein Gedicht: „Cause people are people“

2018-11-23 3 Von nicoleinez

Topic: People are people

Sometimes the moon can shine as bright as the stars,
but they won’t believe it’s already night.
Cause they are way to much into healing their scars,
it’s all about their fight.

Sometimes you can wear your nicest dress,
but they won’t see that you are here,
Cause all they are looking for is another bless,
the moment is all that they can fear.

Sometimes the sun can be as bright as your smile,
but they are stuck into winter,
just being in your beauty of the moment for a while.

Sometimes everthing can be just perfect,
but they will just look for another neglect.
Hills of messes are drowning in themselves,
but they are just caring for their so called wealthes.

It’s nothing you can do,
just be yourself,
just be true.

It’s nothing you can fight,
just move on and know,
that you will be alright.

See the beauty in the moment,
be aware, alone and.
Don’t take them in your happiness
and sing.
Some just see the harm in every blessing.

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